Courses inside this category are allowed for group A students only 

They are 4 elective courses & student should enroll himself in one course only

Elective courses will be available for student self enrollment starting from Tomorrow 08/02/2020

4 electives For group A will open for self enrollment tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

Each course permits maximally 110 students only

Every student should enroll to one course only, otherwise will be unerolled from all

Clinical Microbiology

Applied physiology

Stem cells in experimental medicine

Topics Headings:

1-Properties of stem cells and types of division of stem cells Edit topic name

2-Types of the stem cells Edit topic name

3-Fetal and perinatal stem cells Edit topic name

4-Embryonic stem cells Edit topic name

5-Adult stem cells Edit topic name

6-Types of stem cell transplants Edit topic name

7-Applications of stem cells in Medicine Edit topic name

Medicolegal aspects of domestic violence

Topic Headings: 

1- Introduction to domestic violence and abuse

2- Physical child abuse

3- Sexual & emotional child abuse

4- Intimate partner abuse

5- Elderly abuse

6- Abuse of human rights (torture)

7- Role of physician in cases of domestic violence